Connect streams
Clean, enrich, add time window aggregations
Create alerts, new streams and database outputs

Start in just a few minutes

Connect and explore your big data streams

Schema automatically detected and managed

Support hierarchical inputs

Multiple integrations and file formats supported

Data stored on customer’s cloud account

connect and explore

Add fields and time window aggregations

Various functions and aggregations

IP and user agent extractions

Python code

Join big streams

Build data pipe

Create insights

Query aggregations via API

Database output

Athena output

Complex alerts

Use data

Manage and monitor

Explore the data as it flows in the system

Monitor throughput and latency

Replay historical data

manage and monitor
“Using the power of the cloud for building a truly scalable platform.”
Upsolver’s platform uses a data lake and proprietary in-memory technology to work on time windows at any size

In-memory technology

Keep time window aggregations in memory with a key-values format. The key is an id like a user or a device and the values are aggregations like sum, avg, count and more
Low latency queries

Using proprietary compression to save big key-values objects in-memory and query it in milliseconds via a query API

Incremental algorithms

Update key-values object in real-time with fresh data

Unlimited time window

Access all historical data in real-time