We Are Upsolver

Upsolver offers the first NoSQL database built for the cloud

Enjoy NoSQL performance without NoSQL complexity

With Upsolver, it’s easy to build a NoSQL database for raw data,
by using SQL/UI with no expensive management and maintenance.

Upsolver was founded by a team of top tier data engineers,
and backed by industry leading angel investors and venture capital.

Ori Rafael Founder, CEO

Ori has a passion for taking technology and making it useful for people and organizations. Before founding Upsolver, Ori performed a variety of technology management roles at IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit, followed by corporate sales and business development roles. Ori has a BA in Computer Science and an MBA.

Yoni Iny Founder, CTO

Yoni is a technologist specializing in big data and predictive analytics algorithms. He performed several technology roles including CTO of a data science department at IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit. Yoni holds a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science which he started before he was 16.

Shani Elharrar VP R&D

Whatever you ask – Shani will build! Programming since 7th grade, Shani has a unique talent for anything to do with code. He is a full-stack developer with extensive experience from IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit.

Adi Gozes VP Products

Adi brings outstanding product management skills by combining her broad understanding of business with an in-depth understanding of technology. She previously held several senior product management positions at VisionMap. Adi is a veteran of IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit and holds an MBA and a B.Sc in computer science.

Omer Kushnir Senior Developer

Omer is Upsolver’s superstar architect. With over 10 years of experience from IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit, Omer brings to the table unparalleled experience and knowledge of server-side development and architecture.

Jason Fine Senior Developer

For Jason, who’s been coding since age 13, a technology barrier is another opportunity to develop something new. A full stack developer with diverse expertise across different languages and platforms – server, client, mobile and more, Jason now brings his experience from IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit to Upsolver.

Dima Rabkin Senior Developer

Dima is a highly valued member of Upsolver and one of our expert software architects. With over 6 years of experience from the IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit and a degree in CS from Haifa University, Dima brings unparalleled server-side development and architecture expertise to the team.