The First NoSQL Database Built for the Cloud

Upsolver developed a new cloud architecture for NoSQL databases,
which enables easily building a NoSQL database over your stream data.
With Upsolver Stream DB you can create user / device profiles over your events with no hassle.
Providing you with the best database for user and device personalization.

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Get NoSQL performance
without the NoSQL complexity

While other databases store data in servers, we store data in the cloud. It really makes all the difference.
Upsolver enables creating materialized views directly over raw data using SQL/UI.
These views easily scale to millions of queries per second with sub-millisecond latency.

Why Upsolver?

Rapid Changes

Developers can make DB changes with no code or DevOps

Zero Risk

New materialized views don’t use resources allocated for production

Zero IT

No tuning or maintenance required

Low Cost

Pay for actual use instead of maximum predicted capacity

Upsolver's Key Advantages

Common NoSQL Databases become complex as they grow in size.
You can either store raw data and manage the growing complexity, or store only aggregated data and compromise on agility and data consistency.
With Upsolver you can have it all. Upsolver stores the raw data and enables creating new aggregations over it, with no complications.
UpsolverRaw data stored in NoSQL DBsAggregated data stored in NoSQL DBs
Data Consistency
Simple DB Management
Low Infrastructure Costs