Big Data Streaming Analytics as-a-Service

Upsolver Streams is a real-time cloud platform
that offers limitless access to historical data in real-time latency

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From streams to real-time views in minutes

Data lake and schema automatically created and managed, data pipelines easily built and deployed
Data lake and schema automatically created and managed
Real-time pipelines using all historical data
Functions, aggregations, enrichments

Why Upsolver?

Harness data in-motion

Low latency API for using data lake indices

Low touch

Auto schema management, storage on your cloud, serverless

Rapid development

Mathematical functions, aggregation functions, external APIs integration

100% cloud

Fully scalable multi-tenant platform and a ‘pay as you grow’ model

Upsolver's Key Advantages

Upsolver only saves data in its raw format for maximum flexibility.
For implementing powerful real-time use cases, Upsolver uses its unique in-memory data lake indices.
UpSolverDatabase and ETLStreaming Products
Auto schema management
Fully managed
Low latency API
Fully scalable