Big Data Streaming Analytics as-a-Service

Upsolver Streams helps organizations with big data streams
to create insights in just a few minutes, without any data infrastructure overhead

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Build time window aggregations in minutes

Upsolver combines in-memory technology and the scale of the cloud to create aggregations for any size time window and keep them up-to-date for querying
Schema automatically detected and managed
Real-time data pipelines
Functions, aggregations, enrichments

Why Upsolver?

Harness data in-motion

Query time window aggregations in milliseconds

Low touch

API based, serverless, pay as you grow

Rapid development

Various functions and aggregations, Python code, IP and user agent extractions

Fully scalable

Using the cloud for horizontal scalability

Upsolver's Key Advantages

Upsolver only saves data in its raw format for maximum flexibility.
For implementing powerful real-time use cases, Upsolver uses its unique in-memory data lake indices.
UpSolverDatabase and ETLStreaming Products
Auto schema management
Fully managed
Low latency API
Fully scalable